Guidelines on how to prepare as an exhibitor for a Trade Show

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Dear Tourism Partner.  Visit Knysna will be represented at the Meetings Africa 2019 Trade show . This is a showcase for MICE Operators , and will take place from 26-27 February.

Meetings Africa provides the ideal platform for you, the exhibitor, to reach your full potential and create lasting relationships within the industry. At Meetings Africa you’ll have the opportunity to interact and network with meeting and event planners, business travel agencies, international or regional association executives, association management companies, local, regional or international corporate executives and business travel and team-building experts.

At the latest round of Meetings Africa briefing, invaluable info was shared and discussed on being an effective exhibitor. The following points are important to know if you plan on maximising your time at this trade show as an exhibitor.


1. Profile your organisation correctly and get diary appointments in order 
Have clear profiles to eliminate time wasting and to enable good business matches. This is also an effective way of matching you up with the correct type of buyers. If your buyers are looking for 5-star luxury game lodges, for example, then it’s good to portray the correct profiling info so that correct matches are taking place.

2. Have the right information on hand to seal the deals 
Have a streamlined, accessible product info. Time is precious and having info that is easy to digest and that can help the decision maker make a decision on the spot is essential. Marketing material that is accurate and eye-catching is important. Brochures are not necessarily the best way to go, as they can be costly and environmentally unfriendly.
Often buyers are taking info back to decision makers so make sure your info is current, accurate and translates in a successful manner.

3. Have a follow-up plan for conversion. 
Create a relationship by following up, which is so important in closing a deal. The buyers will be seeing so many exhibitors over the 3 days that making sure you follow-up will help keep the communication lines open and flowing.

4. Know the current affairs 
This is important of both your destination and of South Africa. International buyers will ask the tough questions regarding crime and safety in South Africa. Know your stats and be informed this will instil confidence in your buyer which goes a far way when trying to sell South Africa as a business destination. Have a map of Southern Africa on hand.

5. Research your clients and their profile 
Know who you are meeting with – researching your buyers also goes a long way in sealing a deal. Know who you trying to sell to as this also instils confidence in your buyer and remember first impressions last. Be aware of their requests and needs and take note of where and how you can deliver on their requests.

6. Dress appropriately; keep your stand neat 
Appearance is important, so keep your stand and physical appearance neat and tidy. What you present at this show will carry through to the buyer. If you look the part they too will believe in what you are selling.

7. Know your Unique Selling Points, product info and budgets 
Right stand personnel who can take decisions makes the process a smooth and seamless one. Make sure you know your budgets and are ready to sign contracts.

8. Have correct marketing collateral and USB’s 
Be aware of sustainable practices and remember to green your stand and your process as much as you can. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination and the premise around greening within your relevant industry and creating an eco-friendly and responsible industry together is essential! There is a great requirement and effort across the earth and within every industry to raise awareness and promote educational opportunities for greening principles and practices, and implementing them successfully is imperative and forward thinking.

9. Do not share your political or religious opinions 
Keep the conversation light and travel orientated and in line with what the buyer is looking for.

10. Have you heard about the sustainability Village? 
We would like each and every one of you to please support the sustainability village. If you want to give your buyers a parting gift, have a browse through the village to ensure it’s an authentic South African gift.

11. Make use of the Online Diary 
The official online diary for Meetings Africa 2019 is now available and provides visitors, exhibitors and buyers with a centralised source of information and meeting scheduling tool. The Online Diary used at Meetings Africa allows you to effectively manage your time during the trade show by targeting and setting up meetings with participants that match your profile. Here you can profile your business and skills, identify companies worth meeting with and set up appointments based on that information. The meeting’s confirmation and progress can also then be tracked effectively.

12. Use the Meetings Africa APP 
The official app for Meetings Africa 2019 is available to download to provide visitors, exhibitors and buyers with a centralised source of real-time information. The app offers the ability to pre-select the exhibitors you wish to see, log into your Business Matchmaking profile to request and view scheduled meetings.

13. Exhibitor to exhibitor meetings are encouraged 
This is to enable knowledge sharing and to uncover the needs of the industry, this in turn helps educate on the benefits of such trade shows and to create platforms for sharing and education.

Kind regards,
Visit Knysna Information Centre

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